Instant assistance to redness and sensitivity

Our cooling balm calms the skin immediately and forms a protective layer around the skin. The resistance of sensitive skin is supported and its barrier is stabilized. The innovative, calming and anti-inflammatory “NO-STRESS Complex” comforts, soothes and helps irritated skin to feel better.


Top Tip: Use as first-aid skin care for redness, stress symptoms and itching. Thanks to its “Active breathing”, light formula the SENSIDERM SOS BALM is the perfect alternative for daily care for normal to slightly dry skin if SENSIDERM STRESS PROTECT CREAM is too rich.

Directions for use: Apply mornings and evenings to evenly onto the face.

Effective ingredients:

Defensil®-Plus: „first aid“, anti-inflammatory, strongly soothing
Antileukine 6®: anti-inflammatory, immune-strengthening
Centella Asiatica: capillary-firming, cell-regenerating, strengthening
Evening primrose oil: barrier-strengthening, moisture-retaining, soothing