Blemish Balm

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Full coverage care cream for irritated, sensitive and impure skin

Infused with soothing ingredients our BB instantly calms reddened skin, it’s specially developed for irritated, large-pored and impure skin. Redness and impurities subside more quickly and can perfectly be covered with the respective colour shade according to the individual skin tone. The BB Cream has a soft matting effect and leaves a pleasant, non-greasy skin feeling.

There are many BB Creams, but only one Blemish Balm – The Original!

Available in 3 different colour shades

30 ml

Additional innovations like Mix & Match Colour Perfector; solution for darker skins, is used to individually mix to your perfect shade with either your daily care cream, SPF or BB CREAM of choice; ensuring the Blemish Balm family is a beauty companion to thousands of beauty professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Directions for use: apply generously to face and neck after cleansing. Remove with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

Effective ingredients:

Bamboo Charcoal Powder: cleansing, pollutants- and toxin-absorbing
Sebuless™: sebum-reducing, anti-inflammatory
Kaolin: matting, sebum-absorbing
Salicylic acid: keratolytic, anti-inflammatory